All Change

You may be finding this in your world too at the moment?  So many things are shifting and changing ALL at the same time.

  • Friends are moving house and leaving partners 😉
  • My sister’s moving countries at Easter 😩
  • My niece is moving to a new home next month 😍
  • We’re moving home ourselves at Easter👌
  • Clients are leaving, joining, suing, retiring, starting up companies…. ALL at the same time.  All in Q1. 😳

Crikey , it’s a bit head spinning to say the least.

As I write this to you I realise this though.

There are seasons for all things and something seems to have shiftedin many of us following the Lockdowns and life-style changes…  

If not now when?” has been one phrase I’ve said to myself AND heard a lot and another “What are we waiting for?”

When you ask yourself those questions, the response YOU get from yourself is very telling.  

I understand all the shifts in those (and us) mentioned above and – in this time of accelerated change, one thing I know for sure is this.  Stay.  Flexible.

Claire, my sis, came and stayed for a few nights recently and – even though we’re both well into our 50s – we had so many kiddy-like moments our parents would be so proud of!  

Impersonations, stories, highs and lows, boyfriends from back-in-the day stories – good and not so good – and precious plans for our new adventures.

I never take it for granted .  Soon we’ll have to jump on a plane to see each other so, for now, we’re taking full advantage of proximity.

Onwards!  All change AND going with the flow…

 In other news…


Mr Jeffrey went for a check up AND all is amazingly good.  He’s put on 2 kilos, his heart is reducing in size AND when we did a resting-breaths-per-minute check recently his was 23.  Ideal is 24.  At his WORST before the operation, his was 51.  He was also a PosterChild for Dick White Referrals Special Vets and their recent Valentine’s heart campaign.  AND he’s started chewing the post again…What a hound!

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