The Carousel

This quote by Pharrell Williams spoke to me, particularly this week.

“Life is a carousel.  It goes up and down.  All you gotta do is just stay on.

In a week experiencing here wild storms and winds, power cuts, hail and snow PLUS a variety of clients with work related challenges and dilemmas AND with Covid in the mix – you could say – “it’s been emotional”..

But.  There’s perspective.  

We’re all safe , no one got hurt and we’re able to swear a bit 🤬 here and there AND keep calm and carry on.

I could sense myself getting wound up a couple of times until I stopped doing what I was doing.

  • Imagining worse case scenarios *the broker in me*
  • Rushing for solutions or “now what” moments
  • Shortening my breathing which I KNOW is a panic move

So, instead.  As Pharrell suggests, we’ve taken the rough with the smooth and stayed on.

  • Stopping, pausing and considering (rather than fix, fix, fix)
  • Being grateful for what was (rather than what could have been)
  • Breathing deeply and staring into the sky (always inspires and slows me down)

I wonder what rings true for you in here  when you’re on the downward bit of the Carousel?

 In other news…


Jeffrey continues to be perky and get stronger.  Douglas continues to be adorable.  My Goddaughter Beatrice also continues to grow AND be adorable…put them all together!

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