Already doing it


It’s such a loaded word, isn’t it?

We tend to think about it, only in the context of work or professional lives, 

  • being a leader 
  • developing leadership skills, 
  • looking at how to be a better leader et cetera.

It can sometimes make your eyes roll when you see all the courses out there and initiatives to boost your ‘leadership’ skills. 

It’s about context and personal style first and foremost.  Not a cookie-cutter set of behaviours.

What I’ve found out is that every day leadership is critical and just as important and impactful.  And, you’re already doing it in various ways, shapes and forms.   

The ripples of your own leadership style influence many around us.  We often overlook that.

Think about it, how do you show up as a leader in your own life?

  • As a friend 
  • as a partner 
  • as a mother or father 
  • as a sibling
  • as a hound-owner in my experience 🤭

All require personal leadership qualities and traits which we often underestimate.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your own already-developed leadership style.

  • How supportive are you? 
  • How clear are you with what you want or need? 
  • How do you deal with tricky situations?
  • How do you assert your boundaries and reinforce others’ ? 
  • How do you move through unwanted surprises?
  • How do you pick yourself up when you’ve been on the let down or wrongfooted?
  • How do you celebrate success?  Yours and those who you influence…

It’s easy to only look at ourselves as some form of leader in our professional lives, but actually it starts when we were young from the impressions we were given at home, school, Uni and continues as we evolve and mature.

I want to encourage you to look at your leadership moves and traits in your own life and see if or how they have a match with your professional life. 

You might be surprised that you’re far more of a leader than you think you are.

And in other news…


Like our dear houndies, I’ve been taking it very easy since my brief hospital stay.  It did knock the stuffing out of me but I’m more and more ‘in the game‘ now and so grateful for that …and for our balmy October sunshine!

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