The little BIG things

Isn’t it easy and, to a point, natural to take things for granted?

I call them the ‘little big things’.  

The things like walking, jumping up out of your seat, reading, speaking, sleeping, going to the loo.  All the things that function for us if we’re lucky.  Until they don’t.

Having worked with a couple of clients recently who’ve had major life incidents which have knocked them sideways, it’s woken me up again to the gratitude for the little things.

You only have to imagine your life without the functionality you take for granted to get how important it is to take care of yourself too.

Clearly I don’t mean wrap yourself in cotton wool but I do consider risks.  Reckless moments.  

A reflective note from me to you today.  🤔

Only because I appreciate being able to sit at my desk, type, think clearly.  I had a nasty chest infection recently following a minor op.  Brain fog, no energy, coughing.  Bleurgh….

It’s made me even more grateful for those little big things than normal.

A final word on the matter…


And in other news…


My dear sis Claire flew in from Crete for a break and found herself in Nurse-mode!  Here we are back in June in sunnier days.  They’ll be here again soon though.

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