An Empty Cup

When Denise told me “No one, I’m senior enough that I’m expected to just get on with it” it sent up a BIG red flare for me.  And for Denise.

We were discussing just how much time she was having to devote to day-to-day to the well-being of her team.  

  • How they were managing to work from home
  • If they had adequate support both tech and personal
  • What their home-life situation was and if Denise could make it easer
  • How they could flex their schedules to live-with-work
  • Etc

This is when I asked Denise the question “So who’s supporting you with this level of care and attention?” and she gave her answer above.

We both looked at each other (on Zoom!) and knew her own well-being, mental state, energy levels, sense of humour, downtime – you name it – was being stretched to a new level of demand.

  • One-to-ones with each of the team twice a week instead of once every-other
  • Follow up calls, emails and ’emergency’ meetings about it all
  • Managing being managed and all the budgets, targets and business development responsibilities still expected to be met.  

Phew.  I’m sure on many levels this has – and maybe still is – you ?  It’s exhausting to read and it is to write it here for you too.

Denise pushed back.  

  • She asked to have a more regular one-to-one with her boss to discuss these developments.  
  • She also insisted (not asked) her team close their laptops/switched their phones off over lunch and at 6pm.  
  • Some did, some didn’t but at least the intention was there.
  • She took her holiday time when many were too worried to, for her sanity’s sake – and to set an example.

Another client, let’s call her Marnie – senior in an investment bank, she got to that point and sent up a flare to say “Enough, I’m really struggling” and took time out.  Make or break.

Why is this important and why relevant to us now?  

Because there’s a price to pay.  Energy levels, attention levels, commitment, focus – have all been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d and there’s a point things snap.  Either others do or you do .

So.  With this as a backdrop, I have decided to host a Brand New Virtual Event.  Friday 17th September…in 4 weeks.

Be More Self-ish – and you are invited.  A day to focus on your own self-care – energy, career development, nutrition, sleep, boundaries and MUCH more.

You can find all the details and see if or how it works for you to be with us here – all from the comfort of your own home/work office.

We already have women Registering from my Mentoring Groups and if it makes sense to you  to be with us, you’ll learn so much and give yourself the gift of some time to think, plan, consider AND recover…

You know from reading my little eZine each week, I don’t do ‘fluffy’ but I do offer practical, tactical and truly relevant information, ideas and insights for corporate career women.  

Shall we invest time and have a day together focussing just on YOU ?  

Any questions, just drop a note directly to my Assistant, Amanda  and learn from both Denise & Marnie.  Being more self-ish isn’t selfish.  It’s smart.

You can’t keep filling from an empty cup…

 In other news…


Hanging out with my sis and family again, this time at the Suffolk seaside!

Douglas sitting on the sofa which isn’t allowed BUT he’s so cute it’s hard to resist

Swimming again before it’s too cold for us all!

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