But luckily

You know when you hear something and it just makes sense?  Makes you stop in your tracks (or in my case, stop the Podcast I was listening to) and write it down.

Well, the phrase “But luckily” was just such a phrase.

I was listening to Diary of a CEO, a podcast by Steven Bartlett and he was interviewing the TV presenter Davina McCall.  

The YouTube link of the podcast is here if you’re curious.  Every one I’ve listened to, or watched, has taught me something and also made me emotional at times.

Davina’s had a fascinating life and such tough times with her relationship with her Mum and I was somewhat spellbound about her attitude and her recovery.

She said at some point that a phrase which has helped her time and time again is “But luckily” as she finishes a sentence. As she tells a story or shares something tough.

I don’t mean that we have to be all ‘Pollyanna’ and never acknowledge tough times for ourselves or for others, of course I don’t.

What I do mean though is we can always find a silver lining in the clouds, of some form or another.  

Or we can help others do the same as we all navigate the inevitable snakes and ladders of our lives.

When you’re supporting colleagues at work, when you’re listening to your loved one with a challenge or a really tough situation, we can just say “Let’s see what ‘But Luckily’ does here?’ and see what they say.

I say it myself as does my husband now (my lifelong case study 😍) and it helps shift my thinking into a positive attitude.  

None of these things I share with you are life changing on their own but layered on top of each other, they work.  I know it from my own mental shifts and I’ve had – and still have – my own challenges to deal with.  We all do…. but luckily….

A final word on the matter…


 “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  ~ Winston Churchill

And in other news…


We hosted a party here at our home last weekend.  36 people for lunch and games in the garden.  I was fretting a bit about the weather but luckily, it was a dry and sunny day!  

Our niece Grace and a local friend’s daughter were my ‘team’ serving drinks and food and Snowy was able to be the host with the most.  

Our Grazing Table, delivered by a local caterer, was just great.  And easy…

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