Change of Scene

Snowy was fed up with his ‘feature’ wall in his Home Office. We’d inherited it when we moved home in April and he felt it was too floral and busy and wanted a change.  I agreed with him.

Where to start with so much choice?  How long would it take?  Could he be bothered? And, for a man who’s borderline colourblind, it was tricky.

Not for me though Amanda.  

I’m a great flicker through sites like Pinterest and Etsy for ideas and inspiration.

So. Fairly quickly I found a mural which we both loved.  It came from China in 4 drops.

It needed specific measurements and certain specialist bits to hang it.

It took 6 weeks to arrive and I was starting to fret a bit.

Then, there it was in our parcel box.  

In just 2 hours, our decorator Janine had hung the paper and the first word I said when I went to see it was “Wow“.  

That’s always good!

The point for sharing this with you in this brief message is this.

  • Don’t just tolerate something because you think it’s too much effort to change it.  
  • It’s often simpler than you think and more reasonable too. 
  • Little changes make a BIG difference and your working space is so key to have you feeling inspired and comfortable.  Snow loves the little squirrel in one of the trees and the deer in the corner 😍 

Your home office is always worth investing time, energy and a few ££s in.  

Feeling you want to be in there and the energy of it makes a BIG difference to your productivity and to your soul.

 In other news…


After 3 weeks of full on family time, my sister and her partner returned to Crete.  Our nephew and girlfriend returned to Prague and Grace & her man Jonny continue to love their new home (15 minutes away from us!)  Here’s a pic of my sis, niece and me after one of the many dinners we had in our new home.  It feels strange – and all good – to be us two again and the hounds!

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