Teary no more

We’ve just returned from Abu Dhabi.  A week in the sunshine with no agenda.

Before we left I felt ‘full’ and close to tears a lot of the time.

Since 26 December 2021 I’ve been focussed on the house we found online, on that day.  Kind of by accident we found it – our new home in the countryside.

We had all the excitement of having our offer accepted 2 weeks later and then sold our other home within 36 hours.

Jeffrey, our precious, soulful Whippet had life-saving open heart surgery at the same time our house went on the market.

We moved home within 12 weeks of the offer being accepted.

Since then, mid April, it’s been Go, Go, Go moving in to our new home, fixing things, visitors, OMG moments 🥴 with flooding, bumps in the night 😳 etc.  

No holiday away – too much to do, sort and enjoy (mostly).

Recently, we had a full on time of 3 weeks of our family staying with us flying in from Crete and Prague.  8 for dinner, 7 for dinner, 2 for dinner, 6 for dinner etc for 3 weeks…

Snowy and I both have full on businesses with a lot going on – all at the same time.

I’m not sharing this to impress you in any way at all.  

I’m sharing it to encourage you to really notice when you’re getting close to ‘bursting’ or you could cry because you’re just so full.  Logistics, decisions, excitement, others’ challenges – they all take your energy.

Having felt close to tears a lot of the time recently, our week in the sunshine with no agenda did the trick.  

10 hours of sleep on average a night, reading 3 books, playing Backgammon, swimming and celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary 😍 – all really did the trick.

When you feel your close to your boiling point, I do encourage you to do something about it… 

Women can be like those Duracell Bunnies we’ve seen in the ads which keep going and going and going until 🤯.

Instead, like I had to recently…

  • Find some ‘me’ time and be selfish about needing it
  • Stop absorbing stuff and saying “I’m fine” when you’re not
  • Have a cry – it’s a pressure valve – I did
  • Say NO and No Thank You more than you think you can.  You can.
  • Go to bed early – read, lay there.  At least you’re not ‘doing’ – no phones allowed!

 In other news…


My sister taught Snowy and me to play Backgammon recently.  And I beat Snowy whilst on our holidays! 

We also celebrated 21 years of being married and it was special to reflect on how much has happened for and to us over these years.  Phew – again, we so often underestimate just how much happens and how much we absorb and experience.

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