Don’t Get Bent Out Of Shape… It Wastes YOUR Energy

It’s easy to get yourself bent out of shape when things don’t go as planned. If you – like me – are an efficient implementer who has a ‘To Get Going’ list, then you’ll appreciate how frustrating my first day back in the office this week was.

Having had nearly 3 weeks away on our holidays (with just a couple of days in between for laundry and unpacking and repacking) Monday was all about getting into the swing again. But…  Plans change…

Firstly, we discovered we had no hot water so had to call the Gasman out – pump blown. Replacement (happily insured) fitted just as the WaspMan arrived. 

We found a lot of dead wasps in our home plus an ominous buzzing sound. WaspMan (dressed in a black and yellow striped shirt for heaven’s sake!) arrived and told me that the hounds and I needed to leave home for at least 3 hours. Grrrreat.

Here’s the thing though.

Kicking in to what has to happen (rather than what should be happening) is truly a state of mind and one which keeps you creative and flexible. I made my lunch, took loads of water and moved outside into the garden having had a quick comfort break!

I know you will have your own versions of going with the flow of things and when our Summertime ‘slowdown’ often should feel more relaxed than it does at times.  

What I found helpful during this change of plans was the phrase “why is it so easy?” and here’s a quick video for you made by my friend Scout which shows you what I mean. It stops you getting bent out of shape.

I have used this phrase many times – stuck on a plane/train/motorway, stuck in a boring conversation, running late for something, forgetting something.

Coming back to what you can do and ‘why it’s so easy’ really helps you and – as we know keeping your sense of perspective (and humour) helps everyone – most of all us!

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