It’s The Law of Cause & Effect

Interestingly, most women want to punch me when I tell them what I’m about to tell you!  It is, however, a problem which I genuinely have noticed and one which affects me in many ways.

As a result of deciding to shift my diet and eating habits away from Dairy, Sugar & Gluten with the guidance of a nutritional therapist, things have been happening…

My skin is miles clearer and brighter, I have more energy, no sugar ups and downs and – the ultimate reason for doing it – I feel stronger and more able to bounce back from chest infections which have challenged me since 2015 when I had a bad case of Pneumonia.  

I was advised to ‘crowd out’ the cravings for sugary things with other, healthier things. You should see my breakfast – it’s a feast of good, colourful things. 

I like that phrase ‘crowd out’. It’s not stop/avoid/forbid…it’s distract yourself away from. More positive and, in fact, easier.

Here’s the thing though. I’ve lost weight. Not a huge amount but – at 6 foot tall with a broad frame – it’s been enough to send me to the tailor’s for alterations to dresses and a couple of fitted jackets.

The cause and effect, ying and yang of actions we take.   The Pneumonia was the effect of the cause of me having had chemotherapy at 16. It affects your lungs and how they’re susceptible to infection that’s “just the way it is” as my specialist tells me. After nearly 40  years of no effect, here it is but a small price to pay.

Look at what you’re doing, starting, making happen and whilst focussing on the positive outcome of it do also pay attention to the other effects.  

So, for you today how does this relate?

  • Promotion can mean more money/less time at home.  
  • Change of career can mean huge energy rush/tired and grumpy.  
  • Moving role can mean more responsibility/shifts in friendships.  
  • Starting a business means a huge investment of time and energy/less attention on your home life

The law of cause and effect is at work all the time whether we notice it or not.     Paying attention to the effects which your/our actions cause is part of taking real responsibility for our decisions and, at the same time, anticipating the next potential challenge we must focus on. There’s always something … it’s the law,

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