Don’t just ignore it

When you’ve made something happen, achieved something, put something right, done something you’ve been putting off – when, in other words, you put your mind to something and it happens, how do you celebrate?  

Do you celebrate?  How do you acknowledge the achievement?  Or, do you just – as so many women do – go on to the next ‘thing’?

It’s so easy to to get to whatever ‘the finishing line’ is and then just shrug your shoulders and move on to the next thing << and there’s always a next thing isn’t there ?

A client of mine – let’s call her Jane – through grit, commitment and determination made a big project come in on time, under budget and by doing so, gave her boss a BIG piece of reflected glory for the Board.  

As she was telling me this, I asked her “So Jane, how did you celebrate?”.  Silence.  She responded, along the lines “Kay, I didn’t.  We didn’t.  We just moved into execution mode for the actual delivery of the project…

It’s a trap to keep delivering, keep going, moving on to the next thing without stopping, noticing what you did and how you did it and, marking the occasion somehow.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or cause any form of additional work.  Something of a treat you give yourself, a glass of something, an early night or a day off.  

If you’re part of a team then it’s as important if not more to mark the occasion.  And – there’s a strategic bonus to this.

Jane and I planned how she’d produce a brief, one-sheet outline of how she delivered the project for her boss.  We then planned how to position it to reflect on Jane’s skills whilst demonstrating her value to the business.

Not to show off, of course, but to show up – just as you could by spotlighting

  • your organisational skills, 
  • your ability to make things happen and
  • to use it as a ‘teaching experience’ with her boss ie – “this is how we did this and we can do it again – her are the lessons and here’s what really worked”…  See?  

This is you owning your part in the outcome and using it to give your boss a little prod, disguised as a blueprint for the future.  “Double bubble” as they say…

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