This week has been family & puppy central!

My sis arrived from Crete at 2am last Saturday in the run up to her wedding and Thelma Pluckyhound (as she’s known) our 9 week old pup arrived the day before 😵‍💫

When you’re up against deadlines, timelines, routine you have to let things go.  

I know you have to stay loose and go with ‘Good Enough‘.

We’ve had a fun old time AND a few moments of ‘take a deep breath’ when wedding plans, people and a new pup have made us pivot!

Oh and catering… 8 for dinner, 6 for dinner, 2, 4, 6 again so all has to be flexible and adding a puppy into the mix hasn’t been the most sensible decision I’ve made. Hmmm.

Jeffrey, our oldest and wisest hound has taken the role of Mrs Doubtfire and let Thelma sleep near him and play.  Douglas’ pivot (bit of a spoilt child move) has been to disappear as much as possible… and take her toys away 🤭.

Sometimes though, the whole messy middle time just works.  And it passes.

A briefer note to you this week and later than normal (it was too chaotic last week) AND honest in that letting go of that whole ‘how it should be‘ and working with what is and what’s possible is both a relief as well as a natural path through.

Encouraging you to let go of the whole ‘perfection’ route when entertaining and hosting clients or friends.  

People always prefer the more relaxed version of you rather than the one struggling to make ‘everything perfect’…

A final word on the matter…


“I cannot control what goes on outside.  But I can always control what goes on inside.”

~Wayne Dyer

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