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After a BIG project or event or initiative is ‘delivered’ do you give yourself recovery time?

When you think of an athlete who prepares and plans for the day/s of delivery and then they rest.  Their coach insists they slow down, allow their body to recuperate.  Be care-full of themselves.

I don’t know about you but it’s so easy to overlook this.

You’ve been building up to a delivery date or an ‘execution’ date and then, just like that it comes and goes.  

  • Do you take time to take stock?
  • Do you have a few early nights or your version of a reward/relaxation moment?
  • Do you think of your body like a machine which just keeps going and going?

Well, married to Snowy, an F1 fan (😴) I know how they fine tune those machines.  

Change the oil, tyres, keep the driver fit and cared for and as Snowy said “make sure everything is balanced so you can get maximum power“.  

They don’t drive it into the ground….they bring the cars into the pit lane for care and maintenance.

What Is the Speed Limit in a Formula 1 Pitlane? - EssentiallySports

We can do this to ourselves if we’re not care-full.

Having had a full-on, fun and emotion-filled family time for the past 2.5 weeks, I know I was running on empty when everyone left on Monday this week.

The combination of getting things geared up for my sister’s wedding, welcoming a new puppy (Thelma) into our home and all the various celebratory and – at times – surprising developments that go with all of that – has left me exhilarated and, borderline, exhausted.

Instead of out, about and into everything, this week has been a s-l-o-w one.

Early nights, minimal calls, lots of quiet and snoozes as and where possible.

A client of mine once shocked us both and I’ll always remember what she said…

After a huge restructure programme she was leading was brought into land I asked her how she would be celebrating?  In effect she said “Celebrating, Pah!  No time for that, now it’s execution time.” 

Do think about this for yourself.  Think about balance “for maximum power” and how you look after your most prized possession – your healthy and well-being.

You. Are. Worth. It.

A final word on the matter…


101 Best Self-Care Quotes To Remind You What Matters

And in other news…


Starting with Claire’s Hen Party, the month of celebrations kept going!

And Miss Thelma, our 11 week old puppy is such a force of fun and joy (most of the time) and Jeffrey has taken on the role of Mrs Doubtfire being so patient with her.  Douglas is gradually coming around…

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