Flowing with the go

I should have been in the sunshine in Crete.  My sis and her man moved there about a month ago and my flight ‘should‘ have been yesterday.

Snowy tested positive for Covid the day before and I didn’t feel comfortable about a) leaving him with it and b) if I develop it and become my sister’s problem.  Grrrrr.

So, in the spirit of being flexible and making the most of what is rather than what should have been, here I am, happy here at home.

Here’s the thing  – we moved home 6 weeks ago.  

I’m so grateful it happened now rather than then.  

I’ve rescheduled my flight for early July and Snowy and the hounds are pleased to have me here.

What do you do apart from adopt that attitude of gratitude?  After a bit of a teary conversation with my sister we’ve landed on a Plan B and that’s all we can do isn’t it?

We took off to the seaside last weekend and it was lovely to see the sea, see some of our friends there and just have a break from fiddling about in our new home!

How can this support you ?  

When you come up against a fork in the road with your plans, you can make it easy for yourself and others.  Or you can be miserable, grumpy and resentful.  

I’ve learned it takes more energy to be miserable and grumpy than it does to be ‘upbeat’ and flexible.

Not always easy but always worth the effort.

Next week is an extra Bank Holiday here – Queen Elizabeth is celebrating (as are we) 70 years on the throne.  I shall write to you again the week after.

As Snowy says, anyone who’s under about 76 has only ever known her as the Monarch.  What a thought…

It’s always good to hear from you and I respond to every comment.

 In other news…

The seaside was stunning – Douglas gets us up about 6am with the sun and the seagulls and the bonus of that is walking with a friend when it’s quiet.

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