Staying Loose

And just like that, there it was.  My Covid-19 test with two strong lines.  Positive. Dammit.

It was worse than a ‘common cold’ as it’s been described but also notnearly as bad as I know some have had it.  I felt rough and coughed much more than usual. Slept loads…sometimes virtually still standing up!

What it did do though was make me stop.  Literally stop.  

Any plans we had for the Jubilee weekend were rescheduled and any house reparations/tidying was also stopped.  We stayed loose and pulled up the drawbridge.

Everyone said that you need to take it easy and – as you know – as an implementer and someone who likes to make things happen, that’s not always easy.  

I did though.  Stop.

As I sat and watched the Jubilee Celebrations for HRHQE2 and realised just how amazing to have been in the same ‘job’ for 70 years it made me very emotional.  Being ill made me sit still and watch and think.

Whatever you think of the Royal Family, a Monarchy etc – you can’t take it away from Queen Elizabeth just what a stalwart and mainstay she is.  And she’s recently had Covid…

Oh AND what a great sport she is too.  

Even though she wasn’t seen out and about, she made her presence felt a few times on the balcony with a great outfit on and…not least with the surprise double act of Paddington Bear!

 In other news…

We went to our seaside hidey-hole again to get fresh, blustery sea air into our lungs (and a drop of our favourite Whispering Angel wine into our tummies..) it was so good to be out again, albeit in a low-key way!

and dear Miss DeeDee had to have emergency surgery on her ear which was ulcerated and continually bleeding.  She’s been such a stalwart too and is now well and truly on the mend (minus a bit of one ear..)

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