Going Backwards?

Going back to something.  Hmmm.  You hear this all the time and it’s just not possible…

“I’m going back to work” or “I’m going to go back to doing exercise” or “Let’s go back to X on holiday” or “Let’s go back and look at the numbers and see what we can find” etc etc.

You can’t go back.

Things have moved.  You’ve changed.  The landscape you’re operating in has changed.  You can only move forward.  

I love this principle.

Going back to something is just a turn of phrase but is it?

You have to think about the backwards move before you understand, unconsciously or otherwise, what you’re doing.

Notice the difference with the above phrases and the forward-motion, potential energy of the phrases now…

“I’m starting work again” or “I’m going to take up exercise again” or “Let’s go to X on holiday again” or “Let’s look at the numbers now and see what we can find.”

There’s a saying which I quote a lot.  

“You can’t step in a river in the same place twice.”

 Logically we know this .  The water’s moved on by.  It’s different.  You can step into the river again but never in the same place.

The flow of the river, of life, has continued no matter what you’ve been up to!

The reason for chewing this over with you today is this.

  • Moving forward has energy, potential and hope attached to it.
  • Moving forward or starting something again releases the old ‘stuff’ which might be attached to the decision
  • Going back to anything – a project, a relationship, a role, you name it.  It’s always going to be slightly different if not very different.

You’ll notice other people ‘going back to XYZ..’ all the time.  

You can immediately translate that (for you, not necessarily for them) by thinking “Ah, so you’re starting work again now” or “So, that means you’ll be exercising again”.

Small shift, big difference in the energy of what they’re doing AND what you’re thinking about.


Try it with you colleagues, your team, your partner, your kiddies.  Whoever.

Go forwards.  From here.  You can’t ‘go back’.

A final word on the matter…


First week at work again after our holidays is always a bit of a flurry!  Whirring of washing machines, catching up with people and projects.  Talk about one extreme to another.  30 degrees in Barbados having dinner outside by a choppy Caribbean sea with friends to curling up next to our woodburner with my furry slippers.  All within 48 hours. 😵‍💫

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