Handy, Especially Now

When Jane asked me “How do I stop people’s negativity from bringing me down?” she meant it with the best intention.

Jane is in a senior position where she is often the brunt of people’s frustration or indignation and, as such, she’s finding she takes on too much of the emotion.

Her question then is a good one .

So, how do you stop people’s negativity from bringing you down?

  • We can’t control what people say nor think.  As much as we’d like to or think we can.  We can’t.
  • What we can do though is consider what we’re going to let in.
  • What we’ll take on or allow to affect us.

So, something I was taught many years ago is to use a Bell Jar.  Effectively to put myself into a Bell Jar.

At Christmas time with all the emotions and conversations you might be involved with, like them or not, you might decide to pop yourself into a Bell Jar too….

Let me explain.  Instead of trying to drown out what you hear, disagree, explain your point of view etc. (which often is a waste of energyjust pop your Bell Jar on around you.

In your head, you can see everything, hear everything and yet – all the things you won’t like or don’t want to hear or that sound so “blah, blah, blah unprecedented year” etc – ping off your Bell Jar.  

You are inside, repelling anything you don’t want to penetrate your zone of inner peace to affect, irritate or wind you up!

, clearly you can take your Bell Jar with you all over the place.  I know I do.  

A client said to me recently “Oh Kay, I spent my whole company Goal Setting day inside my Bell Jar and it made a HUGE difference.

Try it for yourself.  It may sound a bit ‘woo woo’ but that’s OK.  It works…

Weekly eZines will resume on Friday 7th January 2022.  I’m pressing PAUSE on a number of things as, indeed, I hope you are too…

 In other news…


Snowy took up cooking during 2020 and this is his second Christmas cake, made from scratch!  He’s the Snowman and I’m the ballerina – of course 😂  

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