What will yours be?

First things first.  

Wishing you a Healthy & Happy 2022 full of the things AND the people you want and love the most.

What a thought that is!

As someone who long ago stopped making New Year Resolutions as I found them uninspiring and a bit like being told off.  

Re-solving something is like it’s a battle of wills.  When – more realistically – looking at crafting New Year Evolutions is what I love to do.

Here’s how I do this and show my clients the same:

Think of

  • the things that are most important to you now and likely they’ll be slightly or very different from last year 
  • how you want to behave and ‘be’ this year based on developments and how you feel now (more evolving)
  • how you want to look back on 2022 and what you want to have done or not done, stopped or started


With those evolutions in mind (and written down) I pick a key phrase to encapsulate it which is top of mind.

Mine ?  This year it’s>>  Be Here Now.  

I’m a planner and an organiser and sometimes I can miss the wood for the trees being so far ahead of myself or fixed on the horizon.

There’s a lot of change (and a fair bit of turbulence) coming within our family, my business, our home-life and our hound-life.

I want to be present to it all.  

Not so fixed on how super and sparkly it should be but present to “how it is”…

So, let me encourage and support you to consider this and have a key phrase to guide you – like your North Star – as you set sail into this new year…

 In other news…


A family gathering on the VERY windy Margate beach on Christmas Day.  My Sis and her partner, niece and her partner, 5 hounds and husband Snowy & yours truly.  Precious times.  Never taken for granted .

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