How dare you

When you dare yourself to do something (you do that don’t you?!) how do you do it?

It occurred to me that as we get older (and not always wiser I might add) we tend to be less daring.  

  • Less willing to put ourselves out there.  
  • Less willing to say “Yes” to something we don’t know 100% about 
  • or know 100% how to do.

What’s that about do you think ?

For the most part it’s about fear.  And it’s often not a fear about physically being exposed.  

It’s a fear about looking silly.  

A fear about being less than perfect.  

A fear about what others will think.  Especially at work.

Here’s the thing.  And here’s what I know to be true having worked with women who haven’t always been as daring as they want to be (and who now are after our work together).

Most of the time other people are SO preoccupied thinking about their own stuff, their own fears, their own struggles that they’re really not concerned about you and yours…

Don’t you think that’s freeing?  I do.

When that ‘little’ voice in your head says “but what will people think?” you can legitimately respond to yourself with “Well, not much actually, they’re too busy thinking about their stuff.”

It gives you permission (from yourself) to just let go, fly through the air with the uncertainty and just get on and do it.

One of my clients used the little desk calendar I used to send out to give herself a HUGE dare.  

The calendar for the month had a ditty on it which said “Go on – stop stopping yourself – I DARE you“.

She was thinking about putting herself forward to be involved in her sport at a National level.  Wow.  As she explained, what could be the worst for putting yourself forward.? 

You get a No Thank You.  Well, so what…

She dared herself.  She got through.  She played for her National team.  How amazing was that?

Without pushing passed the natural ‘fear’ she’d have never known.

What about you?  Where could you let yourself ‘Dare’?

So what if it isn’t easy or isn’t automatically a ‘Yes’ for you?  You can try again.  You can say you tried.  

You can look in the mirror and think “Yup, I gave it a go.  I dared myself…”

I remember daring myself to launch a course about my book which I was still writing!

8 women registered to learn the communication tips I was still writing about.

I was writing my first book in 2011 The A to Z of Being Understood.  I was only on G (for Gratitude) and the group were only a few letters behind me.

That made me write like crazy.  It made me test things as I went along.  I knew that the ‘dare‘ was part of the success of the book (a number 1 bestseller upon release) because I did something which scared me.

So, I dare you.  Go on….

In other news…


Our garden is truly SPRINGING into life… We’ve been in our new home for 10 months now.  We don’t know what’s going to start appearing as it’s still so new to us but you can tell from all these plucky Bluebells, Snowdrops and Daffodils that this is going to be colourful!  

Douglas & Jeffrey continue to sleep through most of my client calls and webinars…not always in the most elegant of positions 😳.

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