Only if you say so

It’s never too late” is a phrase we hear ourselves say to others all the time.  

People will tell us about something they want to do, place they want to go and how they’re hesitating or feeling it’s too late…and we will encourage them with that phrase… But what about what you say to yourself?

Well if you want to be a Doctor, Rocket Scientist or Astronaut and you’re in your mid-life phase, well maybe it’s too late – but it’s not too late to be involved in that field in some way.  To satisfy that curiosity or drive you’ve had.

A client of mine always wanted to be a teacher but she didn’t pursue this after Uni and instead started a career in the City.

The nagging feeling of want to be in a school, involved in some way was with her well into her 50s.

She decided to become a School Governor and to also offer her services as a Reading Assistant.

Both roles have satisfied her and her ‘need’ to be involved in a school.

Another example of this is something I’ve started recently.  

Deciding ‘it’s not too late‘ for me either.

Always telling myself I’m hopeless at art/drawing, I found someone via a recommendation who became on online ‘star’ during lockdown teaching art online.

Rob Biddulph is an illustrator and author of children’s books.  

He breaks down his drawings and shows you how to start, what to do next, then next etc.

I’ve LOVED the relaxing experience of Draw With Rob and – YAY, I met him last weekend!

Rob was giving a talk and demonstration in London.

It was for parents to bring their kiddies along at lunchtime.

I signed up for my niece Grace (27) and me (50s) to go along. 🤭 

We were in a room with so many kiddies (many in their party dresses and tiaras) and we had such fun.  All of us!  

Rob even wrote on my very first drawing “It’s never too late”.  Love it.  He’s right.

So, what is it that you think you’ve missed the boat to do?  What could you try or try out without judgement?

Who could you find to show you or guide you, inspire you in some way?

It’s only too late if YOU say it is.

“It’s never too late to start something new, to do all those things that you’ve been longing to do.” 

Dallas Clayton (another successful artist & author)

In other news…


It was special hanging out with our precious niece Grace and her man Jonny.  We stayed at our London Club and the men went off to the Motorbike Show in London and Grace & I did our art experience and went to Fortnum & Mason.  Everyone was happy!

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