Just Like Buses

So this week Snowy and I went for a glammy dinner at Mansion House in the City.  

Mansion House is the home of the Lord Mayor of London for his time in office and it was very grand affair.

  • Long dresses/White tie dress code
  • Trumpeters
  • Speeches from various top table members inc the Lord Mayor
  • LOTS of laughing and catching up with people we knew
  • AND, personally, feeling exhausted afterwards!

What I realise as I am quietly working from home today is how important pacing yourself is AND how difficult it can be at times.

Events, invitations, commitments come at you from all directions and often land in the same week…or sometimes the same day.

They come along like buses.  A number, all at once!

This week is one of those.

As this note is sent to you, I will be hosting my 20th private client Retreat at a boutique hotel in the countryside.

I say this not to impress you in any way but to encourage you to be kind to yourself when this happens.

Cancelling something today and scheduling it to next week was one of my first moves.

Another was to plan a bath and early to bed night tonight.  No messing about with TV etc!

Some people thrive bouncing from one social thing to another.  I know I don’t.

It’s a combination of age plus experience with a sprinkling of ‘I can’t be bothered‘ which I recognise in myself.

It will be special to be at our Retreat and to be my best and to be able to bring my best self is to reboot myself.  

Just like my iPhone and all the other gizmos which need to be plugged in to the mains regularly for energy, so do we.

A final word on the matter…


                     “Nothing shapes your life more than the commitments you choose to make.”

                                                                                                            ― Rick Warren 

And in other news…


It was fun dressing up in our fancy bits and pieces again… and then returning to my jeans the next day!

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