Muscle Memory

Well, I did it!  For the first time in over 4 years I showed up LIVE and spoke to an audience for about 60 minutes.

I have been speaking, presenting, hosting etc online all the time during this 4 year gap but it’s different being live and in the room.

And, I wasn’t just a little nervous about it.  I was quite a lot nervous about it!

What’s interesting though is how it was kind of like muscle memory and how that kicked in when I needed it to.

I did my normal pre-speaking prep:

  • hard copy of my slides in case the tech pixies play up
  • someone to keep me on time with a “10” sign that I had 10 minutes left
  • water in a sippy cup near me
  • comfortable clothes (and shoes!) and then, after a quick read through in the morning, I let go

As the final ‘finale’ speaker, it’s tricky in that the group were on the home-straight.  

Next stop after me was either lunch and go home or just straightaway go home.

Being conscious of that kept me really on time.  When an idea for another story popped into my head I sent it off instead of taking more time.

So many people presenting try to rattle through what they want to say and instead of this, I’ve always tried to slow it down, enunciate, pause, ask questions.  

It’s more engaging AND, crucially, it settles you as the speaker.  

You can breathe!

Anyway, I enjoyed it.  I kept on time, asked questions and took questions and I know I woke some of the audience up to if or how they’re taking charge of their career direction.

Reading the Feedback sent by the organiser, one said the best thing about the conference was “Kay White”.  Thank you.  

I did make them smile by saying that it was the first time in heels for a long time so hopefully I wouldn’t trip over myself.  I didn’t…

What I want to emphasise here is how you are more trustworthy than you think!  I just had to trust myself that I could still engage, be natural and inspire.  

When you’ve done something a number of times and had a break from it, trust yourself that you’ve got that muscle memory to do it again, probably even better!

Our friend Winston who sells pineapples on the beach in Barbados said to us one day “Just when I thought I was at my best, I got better.”  I love that.  So can we, IF we trust ourselves.

A final word on the matter…


“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.” 

–William Jennings Bryan

 And in other news…


Spring is springing everywhere in our garden.  Our cherry tree has just burst into life 💫

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