No Slippers this time

For the first time in 4 years I’m speaking to a live audience about career acceleration and strategies for success.

So what?” you might think.  It’s what I do and have done for years.

But.  For the first time since 2019 I’m speaking in person for about 90 minutes.

Since lockdown and Covid-related times, I’ve hosted 2 one-day live events, 4 two-day Retreats, Webinars, Keynotes, been on TV in Australia…all online.

All in the comfort of my home office.  Glam up top.  Jeans and often my slippers below. 🤭  I’m sure you have had these moments too.  I have to say I love it and it takes quite a lot to get me in a room live these days!

I’ve got out of practice being in the room, as it were.  I live much further away from London now where most speaking events crop up.  So.

Speaking at an event for International Women’s Day is both an honour and a responsibility.

My talk is the closing part of the event and you want to be concise, on point and inspiring.

As I know a speaker must be, I’m planning to be informative, entertaining, inspiring.  Those tend to be my go-to energies when I prepare to speak.

So.  I’m prepping my talk.  But not too much.  

My slides are all ready and mainly pictures.  

My stories are ready and I know them so don’t need any notes.  And the rest…is unwritten.

I’ve said to so many women recently as we’ve worked on them showing up more fully around the Board table…

  • Turn your internal volume knob up so you easily be heard
  • Slow yourself down so you don’t rattle on and run out of breath
  • Take a breath, pause, use silence to land a point
  • And… enjoy it!  People want you to be good.  They’re rooting for you.

Remembering all these points myself as I pack my bits and bobs.

And then, I shall let go and show up and sparkle.  I’ll report back next week! 

A final word on the matter…


18 powerful quotes on presenting | PPT.

 And in other news…


Spring is springing everywhere in our garden.  Blossom, buds, bees and plenty of soon-to-be bluebells.  Phew.  It’s a sure sign Winter is over….

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