Pin yourself down

Janet had known for a while that she was being made redundant.  Her team would be restructured and her role would, effectively, be disappearing.

We both know she’s not alone in this situation and it’s all too common now to be completely ‘poleaxed’ if and when it happens to you or someone close to you.

What Janet was struggling with was this massive sense of fear about what next.  How would she cope?  What else could she do?  How much money would she need?  Who would want her now?  And so it went on.  Understandably but not endlessly.  

You have to stop the spinning and start getting into action.  To start moving yourself forward. Easily said I know.  And, when it comes to it, easier than you think.  You just have to start…

So, instead of staying in the vortex of fear, Janet and I pinned Janet down!

Let’s get your CV up to scratch and then let’s focus on your LinkedIn profile.”

Argh, I don’t know where to start I haven’t talked about myself for 15 years” was Janet’s response but here’s the thing.  Start you must… 

  • We agreed she would go through her CV and bring it up to date in her own words.
  • Then I would go through it, using some of Janet’s time with me, with my beady eyes and give it more impact, punch and razzamatazz.
  • We’d then meet again and discuss the edits and the stories behind her statements.

What’s so interesting to note here is this.  

Once Janet pinned herself down (and stopped doing the laundry, tidying her sock drawer and emptying the dishwasher ie anything she could do to avoid sitting at her desk and updating her CV) she actually enjoyed it.  

She surprised herself on just how much she’d done, introduced, designed, implemented.

Janet then gave me the keys to her LinkedIn profile.  

It was SO boring, so basic it wouldn’t be doing her any justice.  No logos, no picture of her (just a blob), no full career history.  Blah.

I gave it something of a sparkly overhaul. 

 “LinkedIn works for you when you’re asleep!” has been my mantra for years knowing people from anywhere in the world can look at your profile whilst you’re sleeping…

Still anxious but more hopeful now, Janet’s LinkedIn profile went live and her CV started to be sent out for roles and to her network for thoughts, ideas etc.

Let me ask you …

  • Is your CV up to date (firstly, do you have one?!)
  • Do you feel ready to be ready if opportunity knocks?
  • What about your LinkedIn profile.  Is it relevant and impactful for you now?

If you’ve answered “NO” to any or indeed all of the above, maybe it’s time you pinned yourself down too?


I’m going to offer a very targeted >> CV/LinkedIn Surgery in September <<

You’ll be able to join together with a group of like-minded corporate career women and we’ll pin you down and support you to update your CV and your LinkedIn profile, together.  

Guided by me and my beady eyes and wordsmithing…

Just drop a note to entitled CV Update and we’ll be in touch with details, dates, investment.  

Only 6 spots because I want to be able to personalise it for you.  


So, back to Janet.

After an initial slow response, Janet was contacted by a recruiter.

She had 3 interviews for a role which was a definite promotion from where she was.

Janet has just been offered and has accepted the role.  Oh, and a £20,000 pay rise at the same time.

Was it worth pinning herself down?  We both know the answer to that.

In other news…


So Jeffrey has been part of our pack for over 6 years now.  He still HATES it when I go out and I’ve learned to leave a decoy in our hall for him to shred.  At least it’s not our post anymore…

If you’re looking for a romping Summer read, here’s a book which I just loved.  I wish I hadn’t read it so I could read it all over again!  In fact, I probably will…

Lessons in Chemistry (BBC Between the Covers and Radio Two Book Club pick) Hardcover 5 April 2022

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