Tolerance is a loaded word

Tolerance and introducing the potential of tolerance allows you to move from right or wrong, and it shifts the balance where it’s not quite perfect but it’s still okay – or ‘good enough’ 

Being tolerant it keeps you open and it keeps you open to the other person and what might be going on with them AND it keeps you open to what you both can do rather than us forcing the focus only on to what they’ll do.

Now tolerance is actually a word worth defining for you here.

Tolerance is 

“the ability or willingness to tolerate something; in particular, existence of opinions or behaviors that one does not necessarily agree with”. 

The existence of opinions or behaviors that one does not necessarily agree with. 

And in scientific terms, tolerance, is an allowable amount of variation of a specified quantity

You know when there’s a kind of element of tolerance in a mix of something before it either explodes or before it turns into something else.

There’s tolerance and, scientifically, there’s an amount of a tolerance that’s allowed before something is negatively impacted. 

So, where can you be more tolerant, allow more flexibility and veer from exactly what you want to what’s possible?

Tolerance isn’t about being a doormat, absolutely not. 

It’s about understanding what you can ‘let go’ of and what’s non-negotiable for you.  

It’s  where you go into the whole ‘I’m OK, you’re OK’ energy.

You let go of the having to be right or having to win or having things’ perfect’ according to your criteria and still stay strong in your own personal power and beliefs.  

In other news…


Our hounds always look affronted when they realise we’re going out and about without them!

Having fed and pruned our rose in the ‘Rose Roundabout’ it’s paying off…they make me smile when I look at them 😍

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