The Show Must Go On

You know how it is as you prepare yourself to be ‘on’ – on stage, on camera, on Zoom, ‘on’ – by that I mean showing up and offering value, contributing and, metaphorically at the moment, putting your best foot forward?  

Well, a client had booked me to speak to a large group of her colleagues about taking responsibility for your career direction and how to do that.  

Hair done.  Make up and bling on.  Tech check the day before, done.  And then…I couldn’t get in to the online meeting.

We tried so many versions and pivots, we’d built in time to enable me to be early and yet – “the computer says No” had never been truer.

My client had to apologise to her group and say “we’ll reschedule as soon as we can” – I, in the meantime, picked a few choice words about the tech pixies and…let go.

What else can you do ?  

No point getting bent out of shape or throwing myself on the floor in frustration.  Instead, in the spirit of my dear Dad’s phrase “the show must go on Kay” – I called my client within minutes and we rescheduled and she told everyone –  within the hour – when it was.

  • People will always forgive you  when stuff happens outside of your control.  
  • They’ll also forgive you for things that you could control but didn’t
  • but that depends on HOW (not if) you respond to what happens.
  • You don’t have to be profusely apologetic either, it’s more about “stuff happens, we’re sorry it happened, here’s Plan B” or C or D…

I was interviewed on TV on TickerNEWS! in Australia recently.  That was also a learning curve!  The tech pixies played nicely with us then and here’s my 10 minute segment for you.

I was talking about using technology in business in this last year and how to make it as effective and engaging as possible.  I’ve learned a few things hosting Events, 2-Day Retreats, Client VIP Days, Speaking engagements all on Zoom.  

And finally – another Incoming Cute Douglas Puppyhound Pic.  We took him to the beach for the first time and had drinks with friends – and blankets – together!

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