There’s the plan and then…

Oh my goodness, talk about ‘the show must go on‘.  

Last Friday I hosted a one-day online Retreat for my VIP clients and we were all ready to go, in my head, on the Wednesday prior.  I’m a great believer in the old adage “Preparation & Planning Prevents Poor Performance”…

So.  Wednesday lunchtime 2 days before – I had a storm of a gastric bug which took my legs away.  I felt wretched and very under-the-weather and yet, I knew that if I could, the day must go ahead.  

Planning how to care for yourself , when you tend to be focussed on making things great for everyone else, is not as easy as it should be!

What I learned from ‘saying nothing and keeping calm and carrying on‘ were 3 key things:

  1. the day supported me as much as I was there to support my clients.  I loved every moment and brought my “A” game (though the effort to do so was heightened)
  2. The structure I’d planned freed me to know when my breaks were – I went fast asleep for 40 minutes of our 60 minute lunch break!
  3. I felt SO grateful for my body ‘playing ball’ with me and celebrated after our day was over by going straight to bed.  My normal “Champagne and Chablis” moment will be for another day .

Hair and make up go a long way to helping but I look at this photo taken just before we gather and am so amazed as I know how I actually felt! 

There’s also a key 4th lesson too.  You never really know what’s going on for someone else and their behaviour isn’t necessarily what it seems…

In other news, Snowy & I have welcomed a new hound into our precious pack after having to let dear Pharaoh go last December. Douglas is another Lurcher who needed a good home and – crikey – what a whirlwind he is! Precious times .

Jeffrey, unsure but friendly…so far!

Quietly stepping out of my slippers whilst the LandShark sleeps…


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