Thrown in again

After a break of nearly 12 months off I went again! 

One of my positive intentions for 2023 is to pick up speaking French again and to reconnect with a tutor – and scratch my brain for vocabulary lurking in there from the 1990s when I lived in Paris.  Crikey.

Finding a tutor online was easy enough.  Based just outside Paris and with over 20 years experience teaching adults to speak French, off I went to meet her on Zoom.

Here’s where the thrown in piece came.

Isabelle appeared on the screen.  Immediately speaking French to me and I instantly answered without hesitating.  

Is my French word perfect? “Non” but is it enthusiastic? “Oui” and did it feel good to just dive in.  Yes it did.

Here’s what I learned, once again.  

  • There’s always more to learn.  
  • Always another chance to learn.  
  • Always someone better than you AND
  • the race is always ONLY with yourself.

So what if we make errors? 

So what if I made her laugh with my verbs and vocab all mixed up!

What I’m so proud of though is this.  I did it.

  • What is it that you know you’d like to take up again or try for the first time?
  • What’s stopping you?
  • How did you learn anything?
  • What about letting go of learning it if you’re not going to try?

That question can often be the one that gets me into action.  What – you mean I’m never going to do it again?  NO….

So.  Let me leave you with this thought .

In other news…


Snowy celebrated his birthday with a few lovely treats in London.  We had 3 nights staying in the centre of town and now we’ve become ‘Country Mice’ it was a bit of a shock to the system but, we got into the swing of it quite quickly!

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