Tricky was always on the cards

Emily was beyond pi*sed off.  She told me she felt her wings had been clipped.  With a new company restructure it’s easy to fall down the cracks and what was working for you suddenly – through no fault of your own – doesn’t.  This was where Emily found herself.

Having worked and given her all to leading the building of a new business within a business (from around £500K to £6million turnover in a just a few years) she has reason to feel this way.  

Here’s the thing though, the restructure put someone in charge of Emily’s way of working who is SO controlling, micromanaging and – probably – a little scared of Emily’s success and entrepreneurial spirit.  It was always going to be tricky.

We can’t control everything that happens to us (as much as we think we can or would love to) and whilst we know it logically, emotionally we can really get thrown out of whack when things aren’t ‘fair’ or are ‘left field’ of our plans.  

What we can control though is what we decide to do about it, especially about things that really matter to us, our family, wellbeing and sense of self.  How we respond.  What we decide it means

Emily’s decided it means it’s time to gather up all her experience, wisdom, business-building acumen and take it somewhere else.  Even – or particularly – at this time when businesses need the can-do, entrepreneurial, experienced spirits.

We worked together to pull together a rocking CV for her (just the thought of doing it alone was making her feel more stuck after being where she was for 12 years).  

Here’s the thing though doing what you think you can’t face or what you think will be too hard, getting guidance and input from outside yourself and then proving to yourself you can, it gives you a massive boost of confidence and courage.

The story’s not finished.  Emily’s attracted 3 different roles already and is now in the ‘final discussion’ phases with 2 of them.  Let’s see where she decides to take all her experience and wisdom.

I wonder how this lands for you ?  Are you feeling as if you’re taken for granted where you are?  Is there a sense that it might be time for you to look elsewhere?  Opportunities are still out there, even though it’s easy to assume they’re not at the moment.

Here’s something for you.  One of my connections is a Talent Manager for a big corporation and she gave me some brilliant tips about sending out your CV and let me share them with you. You never know when you might need them too…

I have 3 spots for a complimentary Always Your Move Action Session with me and here’s where you apply.  Maybe we’ll create for you a rocking CV together or plan out what next for you?

Talking of how your respond to what’s out of your control, whilst Snowy & I went out for supper for the last time before the 2nd Lockdown here in the UK our little hound, Jeffrey, had a firework fit which I hadn’t planned for.   He broke into our sitting room and shredded one of our curtains whilst his ‘Wicked Halloween Dogmother‘ was out. Heyho. The curtains can be fixed and no one’s coming around for a while!

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