Pivot or Pirouette?

Deciding to host another 2-day Virtual Retreat on Zoom was not so much a pivot as a pirouette.  Last week, 11 VIP Client and I met on Zoom for what would have been an in-person Retreat but, we all agreed, let’s keep going and let’s make it work on Zoom.  

We had masterminding time, did revealing exercises relating to mindset and ability and had special guests, a cocktail party and a lot of fun at the same time.  All uplifted by the experience and we definitely felt we’d pirouetted

Sick of hearing the word ‘pivot’ in the personal and business context I prefer to consider a pirouette.  An elegant key Ballet related move which is something of a “turn, turnaround, whirl, twirl” and something which we’ve all had to do in most areas of our lives .  So much so it’s made our heads spin at times.  

Here we are at our Cocktail Party (I sent ready-mixed cocktails out in advance) and it was truly special.  One of the keys I’ve found for engagement and enjoyment is building in breaks.  More than you think you need.  It’s tiring and you need to stretch, move and pee!

Having spoke at two Events this week and hosted my own Group Mentoring call, I’m somewhat Zoomed-out now.  It does take a lot of our energy to be showing up in this way and there’s a tendency in corporate to hop from one call to another without a break.  Does this happen to you?  It’s so bad for your concentration and ability to contribute…

One company I’ve heard about decided all 30 minute meetings will now be scheduled in diaries for 25 minutes and 60 minutes reduced to 50 minutes.  This at least has set the intention that there’s a natural break for you to move.  Or, let’s say, pirouette…

I’ll share an interview with you shortly I did for Authority Magazine and also for Entrepreneur Magazine and the title was:  How I Was Able To Pivot To A New Exciting Opportunity Because Of The Pandemic” (I let go of the word ‘Pivot’ in the title) and shared openly about some of the real twists and turns I’ve experienced recently.  Some involving real OMG moments with laughter and tears in equal measures.

Oh and Snowy, my husband, pirouetted recently in our new kitchen.  He baked his first ever Christmas Cake guided to the letter by Delia Smith’s famous cookery book and filled the house with a lovely smell of freshly-baked cake!  Now the icing…

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