Where to Start?

It’s easy to assume that you have to dive in to “say what has to be said” when you’ve made a decision or have a tricky message to deliver.  

You can build yourself up, get a bit fretty and sweaty about it and then say what you want to say as quickly as possible…or maybe there’s a much more strategic way.  

Like a game of Chess.  Plan your moves +/- 2 moves ahead of time…

You don’t “have to say it” straight out of the gate at all.  

Often, you’re far more effective and get what you want more easily if you plan where – and when – to start.

I was asked by FreelancerUK, an online magazine supporting freelancers with building their businesses, to contribute with a response to a tricky question by a reader.  

You can see the piece here – the question posed was making the reader really fret and when we broke it all down, she had the power in the conversation and could plan her way there.  So do you it’s ALL about planning.  

Even if it’s just for 30 seconds before you pick up the phone – you can apply the planning to your own “how on earth do I say that?” conversation you might have on the horizon…You can choose to blurt it out and you’ll have a mixed response or, you can choose to plan your way there, one move at a time and keep both the relationship AND your cool.

Talking of planning, right now, Friday 13th November, I’m hosting a 2-Day Live-on-Zoom Retreat for my Mastermind Circle – we’re meeting on Zoom and have exercises, reflection, masterminding-time, special guests, a Cocktail Party (with a dress code) and plenty of career-boosting conversations planned.

I’ve learned, both as a participant AND as a host, that even though we can’t come together live and in-person at this funny-old-time, our ideas, our energy, our wisdom and experience most definitely can.  See our sitting room below back in September with a bemused Snowy looking on!  60 women from 7 countries all gathered for a whole day…

We recently watched the documentary on Netflix recently: Challenger, The Final Flight and I recommend it to you too.  We know it doesn’t end well AND yet the lessons on leadership and listening to those further down the line who know something’s wrong are so pertinent for today. Talking of Chess and making moves, Snowy and I are going to launch ourselves into the new seriesThe Queen’s Gambit this weekend.  Also on Netflix… Even though we can’t be out and about, we can be indoors being inspired and learning things!

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