Brilliant question

When I was asked yesterday, during a talk I gave to a 100+ women in financial services “What’s the best career advice you have for us Kay?” it made me stop in my tracks.  It’s such a good question and, the challenge is, finding just ONE is tricky.

On any given day, as I’m sure you’ll find yourself, your advice may be different.  

For me it might be:

  • Keep asking until you get the answer you want
  • Stay flexible, things shift all the time and be opportunistic 
  • It doesn’t have to be forever, you can always make another move
  • Be fierce about your boundaries – you work to live, not the other way around
  • Keep any eye on your earnings, it’s a way of exchanging value
  • Not everyone has to like you – do you like everyone?
  • And on it goes…

Yesterday  I chose the response closest to my mind and my own experience which is 

Be a good leaver.  Don’t throw anyone under the bus, you never know who will be driving it tomorrow. 

To leave by flouncing out and giving that vibe of “I’m so done with this company/you lot/the boring job” is dangerous.  

You just never know …

  • where people show up from where you left
  • who might buy your company and ‘shazam‘ you’re all working together again
  • Who you might need to contact for ‘whatever reason’ where you go next
  • how your new firm might merge with your old firm and the first to be let go of are the tricky ones who left in a strop *seen that happen recently

In context with this question, I also said to the group “you have to be fierce about your own well-being, a career is a marathon, not a sprint“.

So many women are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d in every direction at work AND at home and with the push for the year end/Q4/Christmas on the horizon, focussing on YOU and what you need is key to being happy and at peace in that marathon.

This time next week – Friday 17th September – I’ll be in full flow as I’m hosting the final live event I shall host for some time (if ever).

All about well-being, self-care, what serves YOU and not what’s good for everyone else first…  Join me ?

Be More Self-ish.  A day to focus on your own self-care – energy, career development, nutrition, sleep, boundaries and MUCH more.  All the things that have had to take a backseat as you focussed on others over this intense 18 months we’ve just experienced.

I’ll share a number of my behind-the-scenes practices (and potions) with you so you can try them on for size.   

You can find all the details and see how it works for you to be with us here – all from the comfort of your own home/work office.

  • Take a spot-check on where you are now with your Wheel of Well-Being agenda 
  • Create a Self-Care Manifesto so you can commit to yourself how you want to look after YOU
  • Learn with and from other corporate career women who’ve struggled, made changes and hear their lessons
  • Hear me and my brilliant speakers sharing their magic about Your Vibe Energy & Resilience; Nutrition For Focus; Sleep Well & What to Avoid; Purposeful Career Moves Now
  • Discover easy and effective ways to reboot your career focus AND boundaries 
  • Take a day for yourself – “A Spa Day for The Soul” as it’s been described to reconnect with how you care for yourself
  • Boost your energy, focus and self-confidence as we head into Q4 of 2021 

You know from reading my little eZine each week, I don’t do ‘fluffy’ but I do offer practical, tactical and truly relevant information, ideas and insights for corporate career women.  

Shall we invest time and have a day together focussing, guiding and boosting your commitment to yourself ?  All from the comfort and privacy of your own home office…

Any questions, just drop a note directly to my Assistant, Amanda.  Being more self-ish isn’t selfish.  It’s smart. 

You can’t keep filling from an empty cup…

 In other news…


This was me moments before hosting the talk yesterday online – glam up top, jeans and trainers below 😁

My office set up with ringlight, flowers, mirrors and good energy around me.

Douglas Puppyhound (8 months old now) was my only live audience member, not a reflection of everyone else I hope!

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