Circular Moments

Last week I was ‘clothed’ in a Ceremony as part of now being a Freemanof the City of London.

When a Freeman becomes a Liveryman the candidate is said to be ‘clothed’ and I, along with 6 other Freeman, made an individual declaration in front of the Master and the Court.  All very formal, all very ancient tradition AND all very circular.  

And we got to wear a gown or robe. Something I’m always up for…

The new Master of our Livery Company – The Worshipful Company of Insurers, is someone I’ve known for nearly 40 years now.  We started work at the insurance broking house Willis on the same day.

Nick and I had a few moments of “Whoa, you’ve come a long way baby” (to quote one of my favourite DJs Fatboy Slim)

We walked through the City to a special service at a local Church dating back to the 10th Century.

As we strode through the City with our gowns on a few people smiled, others took photos and someone shouted “Hogwarts” at us!

What I realised as I experienced this was that this was something I’d never particularly wanted, nor even had any real idea existed.

Since discovering this world I feel very connected to it.  

Very respectful of it and inspired too  to contribute where I can.  It’s part of growing and continuing to grow I think.  

As the quote by John Maxwell goes “Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.”

I wonder if this has happened…or will happen, to you?

  • Have you surprised yourself being more involved and connected with something that you thought you wanted to be?
  • Do you notice how as you mature and evolve, certain interests fall away and others become more focussed for you? 
  • How have you switched gears in your career so that you do more of what you’re interested in and less of what you kind of put up with? 

The evening dinner for 120 which followed was a very sparkly affair.  We handed back our robes and I went for my navy sequins and Snowy his Dinner Jacket.

It was a full on day but so worth feeling a little crumpled the next day!

 In other news…


We are in the ‘messy middle’ of having a couple of bathrooms updated and it’s full on here.  I cheered up our builders, Jack & Dave by announcing I’d made Gingerbread.  It’s always worth keeping the builders happy!

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