The Messy Middle

Oh my goodness, the ‘messy middle’ is such a good reference for where we so often find ourselves!

We’ve just had our ensuite updated and our downstairs loo, at the same time and involving a lot of banging, crashing and singing (from our builders).

There was a point in week 2 of 3 (the messy middle) when I had a real sense of humour failure.

Mess everywhere.  

  • Hounds sticking their noses into wallpaper paste and paint.  
  • Wallpaper not sticking properly and coming down overnight 🥴.  
  • Dust, dust and more dust.  
  • Noise – bang, crash, wallop – when I’m used to silence here, which I love.
  • Hounds getting out when the doors weren’t shut properly etc

This is all a quality problem and I truly get that.  

We have builders who are friends and we have our poached eggs together (I always believe in looking after their stomachs so they keep going and forgive me for my ‘tweaking‘…) and it’s wonderful to be able to have the word done.

What I realised though is that we were in the messy middle.  

You start a project, a mission, anything really.  There comes a point when you don’t know which way is up or if it will ever finish as you want it.

This can be dressmaking, gardening, Christmas tree decorating, writing a report etc etc.

Then.  Suddenly, it takes shape.  You can see the end.

It’s easy to forget this and put your head in your hands or sand and – like I did – lose perspective for a moment.

The results are so worth it though .  

We have (or should I say “I have”) chosen funky wallpaper, tiles we both love and showers so powerful that you need strapping in for.

The messy middle was worth it.

When you’re in that spot, do give yourself the benefit of the doubt that it’s what it is AND that it will be worth it.

Next week will be very quiet here without Dave & Jack singing and crashing about.  And that’s OK with me… 😉

 In other news…


Dave (or SuperDave as he’s known) in the messy middle phase…

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