Does that make sense?

That phrase “Does that make sense?” drives me insane!

It’s often used as a filler or part of what’s called a Yes Set in sales ie getting you to say yes, yes, yes so that when you come to the ‘decision’ you’re in the Yes mode.

Well, here’s why it drives me insane in the workplace as a day-to-day phrase.

It implies I’m an idiot!  

If someone explains something (invariably not complicated, just detailed) and sticks “Does that make sense Kay?” at the end it makes me want to say “Err, yes – I’m not daft you know, I can follow that“.

Maybe I’m a bit sensitive to it having been to many self-development seminars over the years with the whole “Does that make sense?“Yes Set being used on me (to the extent it became like Bingo – how many we could count!)

Of course we want to be heard and understood but we can say things differently for the same effect as we pause whilst delivering our message (you do pause don’t you ?!)

  1. What are you thinking as you hear me?
  2. How is this landing for you?
  3. What questions do you have for me so far?
  4. Does that resonate with you?
  5. Does this sound workable to you?
  6. Has this landed for you?

Questions 1,2,3 are open so you’re inviting a fuller response

Questions 4,5,6 are closed inviting a yes/no response.

So.  A client I worked with yesterday explained a number of challenges, actions, options she had and after each one said to me “If that makes sense“.

Ha!  She was very open to the feedback I gave her about that pesky phrase as she didn’t even know she was saying it let alone how many times or the effect it had on me.  

It also makes you sound unsure about what you’re saying…not helpful in the workplace at all!?

 In other news…


Snowy & I went out for a sunny Sunday lunch at one of our old faves restaurant whilst Jeffrey (on full recovery and feeling better mode) modified our hallway rug…

Met up last night for dinner with one of my 2 precious God daughters, Poppy.  So lovely to see her after a few years without – and she’s a Mummy of 2 boisterous boys now!

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