Excitement can be overrated

Oh I don’t know, it’s been OK – nothing exciting” that’s often the response my husband Snowy will give me when I ask about his day.

Here’s the thing about that response, which can be perfunctory and not necessarily thought about… exciting can be overrated.  If every day had you feeling like you were on an exciting rollercoaster, with twists and turns and loop-the-loops, how exhausting.  How frazzled our nerves would be.

Think about a day full of things you do as part of your routine, speaking to people you know – and don’t – and getting on with whatever you’re getting on with – it’s so underrated.  Until you can’t do it…

Until it’s either taken away from you or someone or something puts a spoke in your ‘normal wheel’ of life.

My close friend’s husband died suddenly this week.  They’d been together for over 40 years since Uni.  The normal things they did together for all that time will never be possible again…it’s taken my breath away to think about, let alone for her to live with.

I remember when I was very ill in my teens (Ovarian Cancer) and I couldn’t go out to the local shopping centre with my boyfriend and sister.  They went without me.  It wasn’t exciting to go there but I couldn’t.  The choice had been taken away from me.  I howled at the time, inconsolable.

Appreciating this is a sobering missive to you today , I know you’ll understand my intention for reminding us both that ‘normal’ and ‘not exciting’ is great.  To be appreciated.  Let’s look up again at this day and be grateful for what’s normal…

We take so much for granted (for me for example walking my hounds, sleeping in my bed, cooking in the kitchen for example) which can sound or feel mundane, boring…until you can’t do them.

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 Douglas Puppyhound Developments


Douglas chatting with Snowy recently about the England football and our tactics!

Early morning Salty Sea-hounds which includes me (looking like an Afghan Hound!)

 And finally, a recent long lunch (which went on until 10pm) with friends – never to be taken for granted

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