Marathon not sprint

It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless times “It’s a marathon – not just a sprint” and it’s useful.

  • You could say this about virtually anything that it’s a longer process, journey, ride than you might think it is.  
  • That the finishing line is further out that you might choose or have estimated.  
  • It’s true, certainly for so many things I’ve experienced.

When I hosted my one-day Virtual Event last week – Be More Self-ish it’s so easy to underestimate all that it takes.  

  • From the outside, I show up, present information, host and curate an event.   Straightforward right?
  • From the inside – months of planning, discussions, website creation, content creation, tech discussions, invitations etc etc. 

Anything you care to name  will come with all the pre-planning, the closer-to-the-event-planning, the delivery (project, house move, wedding, party, promotion…you name it) and then – the recovery period.

I’ve learned to give myself ‘recovery time’ having not done in the past and suffered as a result. 

I know that most things (including my Events) have at least a 2-week beyond the date “finish line”.  Hence the analogy of a marathon, not a sprint.

Being on low-tickover this week has been a struggle with client groups renewing and reforming; personal fun things being juggled; post-Event fulfilment and conversations AND hosting an Event for the Department of Education which needed to be this week.  Phew.

  • Do you give yourself recovery time ? 
  • Do you manage others’ expectations of you after a BIG push of energy?
  • Do you carry on as if you’re a Duracell Rabbit – or do you give yourself a break and try to stay really present to all the brilliant things you’ve done, achieved, made happen?
  • Do you take a moment to celebrate, to be quiet and review what you’ve done or…on to the next?

Until soon, I hope you pay attention to how you’re ‘finishing’ line appears and , how you celebrate AND take care of yourself after completing your own marathon of sorts…

 In other news…


Some behind the scenes of our Sitting Room and what I was looking at whilst I was ‘being fabulous’ on my feet 😍  All this was constructed the day before but it had to be planned…and paid for – and it was investment which always pays itself back.

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